Señorio de Montanera x Guille Garcia-Hoz

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A luxury collection as the perfect gift for Christmas: a unique brooch designed by Guille García-Hoz together with the best Iberico Ham with D.O.P. Dehesa de Extremadura.

Peso 7,5 – 8 Kg

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Guille García-Hoz is one of Spain’s leading designers and has managed to condense the essence of the Dehesa de Extremadura into a unique luxury accessory: a limited edition ceramic brooch inspired by the region’s holm oaks.

This unique brooch is part of an exclusive collection that, together with a piece of Señorio de Montanera’s acorn-fed 100% Iberico Ham with the D.O.P. Dehesa de Extremadura, makes the perfect set for a special gift. A limited edition of just 50 pieces that is grounded on the values shared by both brands: the search for quality, attention to detail, respect for the environment, and craftsmanship.

The Guille García-Hoz brooch for Señorio de Montanera is a gem that extols the value of the Dehesa, depicting the leaves of the holm oak with acorns, all in immaculate white with golden accents. The Señorio de Montanera acorn-fed 100% Iberico Ham with D.O.P. Dehesa de Extremadura comes from an exclusive reserve selected especially for this limited edition, for its exceptional shape, curing process (slow, exhaustively controlled by a Master Mam maker) and aroma. Señorio de Montanera Iberian Ham is made in a traditional way, from acorn-fed 100% Iberian pigs reared free-range in their own dehesas. The pieces are certified with the quality guarantee of the Designation of Origin Dehesa de Extremadura, are individually numbered, and include their traceability passport. The Guille García-Hoz brooch is encased in a PET fabricated wooden box, made in Spain to minimise its carbon footprint as much as possible.

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Señorio de Montanera x Guille Garcia-Hoz
From 750.00
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