Organic acorn-fed 100% Iberico Shoulder Ham

100% Iberian breed pig. The Señorio de Montanera organic shoulder Ham is prominent for its 100% natural production with no artificial additives or preservatives.

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The Señorio de Montanera Organic acorn-fed 100% Iberico Shoulder Ham (Paleta Iberico) comes from organic farming and livestock based on 100% natural resources to help preserve the environment.

We raise our pure organic Iberian pigs in oak forests (dehesas) certified as organic farms. The organic Iberian pigs are fed with natural and organic feed before the beginning of the montanera fattening period, when they will only consume acorns and natural resources in the dehesa. Organic food production is 100% natural with no additives or artificial preservatives, entailing a much more thorough and artisanal care than traditional Iberian ones. Its natural maturation in dryers and rock-carved cellars refine its organoleptic characteristics, achieving nuances of aroma and flavour typical of the most exquisite gourmet food.

Its natural flavour is round, persistent, full of nuances that conjure the purest oak forests of Extremadura. The marbled fat renders juiciness and texture, melting on the palate and leaving a virtually indescribable velvety sensation in the mouth. A unique gastronomic experience.

Each piece bears three different seals: one belonging to the Iberian quality standard identifying the piece as acorn-fed 100% Iberico Shoulder Ham, Señorio de Montanera’s own traceability assurance seal, and a third, the EU certified organic logo.

Gluten-free, lactose-free and dairy-free product.

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