Spanish Ham and sausage
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The most delicious organic food

Made from Iberian pigs raised freely in our oak forests certified as organic farms, and fed exclusively on acorns and natural herbs during the montanera fattening season.

Organic Iberian Hams and Iberian sausages come from organic farming and livestock based on 100% natural resources to help preserve the environment. The elaboration of organic sausages is 100% natural with no additives or artificial preservatives, entailing a much more thorough and artisanal care than traditional Iberian ones.

Natural organic iberico food

Organic sausages that preserve the environment

Unlike traditional acorn-fed Iberian pigs, organic Iberian pigs are raised in pastures that are certified as organic farms, where they only use 100% natural resources that help preserve biodiversity. Animal welfare is essential in this type of production, which is why organic Iberian pigs are able to enjoy more than four hectares per animal compared to the three hectares of a Señorío de Montanera traditional Iberian pig. The EU organic food seal certificate guarantees that it is a 100% natural Iberian product with no artificial additives or conservatives.

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