Iberian sausages
– Spanish Chorizo, Salchichon and more –

The best traditional Iberian sausages

Chorizo, Salchichon, Morcon and other Iberian sausages from Extremadura. Made with the best lean pork from 100% Iberian pigs that live freely in our oak forests and feed exclusively on acorn during the montanera fattening season. Its craftsmanship and long natural curing hone a unique and intense aroma and flavour.

Traditional Iberian sausages

“Iberian chorizo like the one my grandmother used to make”

Iberian cured meats are a traditional culinary treasure of Extremadura. Managing to bring back a pure flavour that is reminiscent of the happiest family-cooking memories of our villages - it has been a challenge of which we are very proud. The Señorío de Montanera Iberian cured meats have that home-made flavour, that taste that is reminiscent of tradition, craftsmanship, days in the country, pastures; the pure flavour of Extremadura.

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