Iberico Shoulder Ham
– 100% acorn fed –

The best Paleta Iberico

Made from the front legs of acorn-fed 100% Iberian pigs raised in our oak forests. Pata Negra Ham, intense and fluidly marbled magenta lean pork. Striking a balance between intense flavour and the delicate aroma of acorns.

Acorn-fed 100% paleta iberico

Unique succulence and flavour

Made solely from pure-bred Iberian pigs, raised in freedom by our farmers in the oak forests of Extremadura. Its texture and flavour make it one of our most desired gourmet products. The marbled fat gives the ham an extraordinary texture and succulence. Its high level of oleic acid, resulting from the pure Iberian breed and a diet based exclusively on acorns and natural pastures during the Montanera fattening period, has beneficial effects on cholesterol and blood pressure. A nutritious and healthy product, with exceptional flavour.

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